Artificial Sweeteners

Fake boobs? No prob! But sugar? HA!!! No artificial shit in your mouth!!!

Sugar by itself isn’t bad for you.

But added sugar is.

And added sugar is in almost EVERYTHING!!!

So if too much sugar is bad because it leads to insulin resistance and weight gain, then sucralose, aspartame, saccharin and other sugar-free alternatives should allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about that shit.


That might be the case if we lived in a logical universe.

The problem is that this clearly isn’t a logical universe.


Ummmmmm, a reality TV star was voted into the highest office in the land!

That’s enough politics!

Moving along, it appears that zero- to low-calorie sugar substitutes help with the opposite of weight loss.

By the way, the opposite of weight loss is weight gain, if you were unsure.

¡Ay, Dios mío!

How can this be?!

The reason isn’t known why there’s a link between artificial sweeteners and an increased risk for weight gain, in addition to diabetes and heart disease.

That certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t any fucking theories, though!

The most popular centers around the fact that sweeteners are a hundred to a thousand times sweeter than sucrose, or natural sugar. For instance, Neotame is about 13,000 times sweeter than real sugar. Given the extreme sweetness, it’s theorized that eating or drinking products containing sugar substitutes activates the taste buds and makes you crave sweeter items, with you then falling into temptation and exceeding your daily calories.

Whatever the case, weight management isn’t as simple as just switching one product for another and then calling it a wrap.


It’s about making a *gasp* lifestyle change *gasp*


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