Ashley Graham, Body Shaming, And The Shame Of It All

Plus size model Ashley Graham lost some weight…and the body acceptance movement lost its shit. One of them is lost, but who?

Plus size model Ashley Graham recently unveiled a (somewhat) slimmer body on Instagram. While her new shape was met with praise in some corners, it was met with much consternation by a few of her fans who now feel more trusting of Judas than her.

Not familiar with her? No biggie. She’s a cutie, so I’ll give you a few minutes to Bing her for research purposes, of course (nudge, nudge).

Now that you’re back from your Google expedition (who are we kidding, NO ONE fucking uses Bing), we can get to the meat of things.

Rather than tax myself thinking and then keystroking my usual witty shit to tell you what her heated fans said (my life is sooooooooo hard, I tell ya!), I’ll have them do it themselves:

I knew it you did lose a lot of weight! I am no longer a fan of yours you betrayed a lot of people! So I’ll find another plus size beautiful woman bcuz your full of S—T!!! #damnshame #justliketherest

a real POed motherfucker who I would hate to see angry about shit that actually mattered

Why are you changing yourself? I thought you were comfortable being yourself and being plus size? You are clearly losing tons of weight.

– Captain Obvious

What happened to embracing your size? You advertise that message then go and lose weight?? I mean hey more power to you, but idk…puzzled.

– an easily confused person I would never want on my team for charades

Next thing you know, she’ll be shaped like a stick as all the “regular” models, and still claim to represent oversize people. But hey, who am I to judge? Her bank account got more $$$$ than I could ever get.

– some broke person who’s probably broke because of their defeatist attitude

If you haven’t picked up on the central theme, the argument basically goes that Graham is lying to the people who looked up to her. As the figurehead of the body acceptance and positivity movement, she isn’t living up to the message of self love and acceptance she propones because her actions via weight loss are the polar opposite.

What we have here is a situation sort of mirroring Mo’Nique’s.

If you remember, the comedian lost 100-pounds after making a living off actively promoting and glamorizing being large through her basing much of her standup routine on her hatred of “skinny bitches” and saying they “must be destroyed”; authoring a series of books with such riveting titles as Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted and Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World; and creating and hosting a reality TV program consisting of plus-sized women vying to win the title of Miss F.A.T. (Fabulous and Thick).

Unlike Graham, Mo’Nique didn’t receive a lot of flack for her about-face.

Why the difference?

It’s quite simple really.

It’s because through Graham, a successful model who’s graced the 2016 cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, those with body issues were made to feel like they too were beautiful and could be sexually wanted.

…and, folks, therein lies the problem.

The beef with Graham’s weight loss has little to do with her sending a so-called “truthful” message. It has more to do with her fans, those with weight problems, using her to validate their own lack of eating properly, lack of exercise, general lack of giving a fuck. And her shedding some of the flab places many of them in the uncomfortable position of feeling bad about their own weight and deciding to do something about it, which by all appearances they’re not ready to do.

Although not having to agree with Graham for what basically amounts to her conforming to society’s standard of beauty, her former fans struck out in retaliation by essentially body shaming her in the opposite direction instead of celebrating and accepting the decision Graham made concerning her body.

Members of the body acceptance movement weren’t too accepting of her body?

Oh, the irony!

Ever lost weight or made some big change in your life, only to have motherfuckers hating on you something fierce?
Share your story (hint: that means throw some shade on those em-effers)!

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