Carbs Are Good For You

Carbs aren't evil! Cats?! Fuck yeah. Carbs?! Not even!!!

As you may know by now, carbs are supremely evil.

They’re the King Leopold, Adolf Hitler, and Emperor Palpatine of macronutrients.

As a result, they’re usually the first casualty in a weight loss diet, as they’re either eliminated or severely limited.

That’s a mistake of epic proportions.

As big of a mistake as your career choice or the schlub you settled down with?

Let’s see!

Carbs, particularly resistant starch foods (e.g. potatoes, white beans, lentils, raw oats), digest slowly and result in the feeling of fullness for longer periods.

What that means?

Nothing but you eating less calories because you’re not as hungry.

Resistant starch foods also release short-chain fatty acids, like butyrate, as they pass through the small intestine.

What that means?

Nothing but you increasing the rate of post-meal fat burn.

By how much?

By at least 30 percent by just having at least 5 percent of your carbs come from resistant starch foods!

That’s how much!!!

Anything else?


Besides curbing hunger and helping with fat oxidation, resistant starch foods have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels, all of which reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

But fuck carbs!



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