Cook Your Own Food

That stove thingy? Use it!!! Cook your own food!

Yeah, ordering out or hitting the drive-thru is easier than measuring your food and making ALL your meals. But that convenience comes at a cost.

Regardless of the restaurant choice (whether it be fast food or a healthier sit-down joint), it turns out that you’ll consume 200 more calories than you would have had your culinarily-challenged ass consumed a home cooked meal.

Over time, those added calories, plus sodium and cholesterol, add up to added weight.

The solution to this difficult as hell problem?

I know it’s absolutely terrible advice, but that’s what I’m known for.

Here goes…

Cook your own food so you know exactly what’s going into your mouth (I feel I should insert a dirty joke about oral sex here…but I’ll restrain myself and instead let your imagination now run wild thanks to me planting that seed in it).

But hey, if you seriously can’t stand the taste of your own food, then you could always just learn how to become better at eating out (wink, wink).


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