You want to look better.

That can mean losing body fat or gaining slabs of muscle.

So you work out.

And work out.

And work out some more for good measure.

But yet, you have little to show for it!


Why do you still look like…THAT?!?!

Two words (and four syllables, to be exact): BAD NUTRITION.

You’re either eating too much food or not enough and your food choices are worse than your dating choices (and that’s saying somethin’).

Sigh…if only there were a way to figure out what and how much food you should be eating to have the body your little heart is set on having.

Lucky for you, EAT: Proper Nutrition By The Numbers is the book to help you take control of your life and finally get that totally bangable body that you want to rub in the face of all the losers who wouldn’t give you the time of day back in high school.

Sure, you might be better off spending this money on a psychologist, but little steps first!

Part of the Take Your Ass To The M*fkn Gym collection, EAT: Proper Nutrition By The Numbers is a 70-page guide that takes you through

  • why nutrition is really, really important
  • what macronutrients are and why they’re life
  • how to set up your daily caloric and macronutrient totals
  • ways to make sure you’re eating what you’re supposed to eat
  • how to properly read a food information label
  • what to go grocery shopping for

Start seeing big results with today’s small decision!


Fine Print:

This is a digital download in PDF format. After purchasing, you will receive an email with instructions to download to any computer or iPad, even a smart phone! Nothing will be physically mailed to you.