Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Because I don’t want to be sued out of house and home, and because you don’t want to see me living in a van down by the river, it’s important that I have on file these forms providing me some kind of legal protection. Just click on the generic ass download button below the description of each form, then read and fill out all fields (My goodness, those buttons sure are vanilla, aren’t they? Lordy! Please accept my humble apologies for having you subject yourself to clicking on those horrible drecks of unimaginative creativity!!!).

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Medical Release

It is strongly recommended that all participants see their medical doctor prior to participating in any rigorous exercise program, whether it be weight training and/or cardiovascular conditioning.

Males over the age of 45 or females over the age of 55 are REQUIRED to have a Medical Release Form completed and on file prior to participating in any form of exercise activities.

The form may also require completion if you, the client, are taking any medication(s) that will affect your heart rate in response to physical exertion. It is also your responsibility to gain medical clearance if there are any other health restrictions.

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Health History Questionnaire

This form is to be completed prior to your first training session.

Please take your time and try to make it as accurate and complete as possible. Once the form is completed, be sure to review it to be certain you have not left anything out.

All collected information will be kept confidential. This information will be used only for the evaluation of your health and readiness to begin instruction under The Body Reconstruction Exterior Renovation Company, as well as to help us design a comprehensive program tailored to your individual needs.

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Informed Consent

With this form, you, the client, express that you’re voluntarily participating in a physical fitness program and using exercise equipment.

By signing, you acknowledge that

(1) you are aware of the possibility of illness and/or injury that comes with participation;

(2) entering into a weight training and/or a cardiovascular regimen is at your own risk;

(3) you will promptly inform the trainer of any discomfort, as well as seek out greater clarification if needed; and

(4) the personal trainer is released from any liability.

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Personal Training Services Agreement

Here the terms and conditions of our relationship are spelled out.

This is the go-to document for issues concerning payment, cancellation, refunds, rescheduling, expiry, and a host of other policies, procedures, remedies and rights.

By signing, you, the client, understand that the enumerated rules, regulations and courses of action will be observed, enforced and practiced by The Body Reconstruction Exterior Renovation Company at all times. And by signing, you, the client, also agree to ALL of the terms and conditions as they apply to your personal training.

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