Genetics: the inherited properties or features passed down from parents to their offspring that are the reason why their adult child looks like crap, not because of their bad diet, lack of proper exercise, or other poor decisions.

I can’t lose weight because obesity runs in the family.

– you, thinking I give a fuck


I can’t gain muscle mass because I come from a family of twigs.

– you, still thinking I give a fuck


I can’t get my calves to grow because I’m Black and we have high calf inserts.

– you, obviously not getting the message that I don’t give a fuck


I hear it all the time, people saying that they can’t change their body because of a genetic predisposition, if not some other factor.

And you know what?

They’re right!

Well, not completely.

While genetics, as well as other factors, do play a role, where’s the personal responsibility?

How about you sticking with a diet for longer than a week without cheating or seeing it all the way through without quitting? Actually working out hard enough to prompt muscle growth instead of going to the gym and dicking around? Doing your research to find out how to train a stubborn body part?

I know.

You’re the problem, not someone or something else?

Yeah, what a joke!


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