Happy Hormones

Feeling down? DON'T EAT!!! Just do some blow…or go to the gym!

Your significant other dumped you after finally coming to their senses that they can do much, much better than you?

You’re now unemployed after one of your coworkers (probably Bill’s hoe ass) snitched you out to management for taking home office supplies to use in the running of your side-business that’s a pyramid scheme that you won’t know is a pyramid scheme until a couple of months later when you’ve invested all your money into it and are broke and destitute?

And now you’re down in the dumps?!

Awwwwww, poor boo-boo!

I bet you sure could go for something to help elevate your mood!

Perhaps, something like a family-sized bucket of chicken from a fast-food restaurant that now goes by its initials after dropping “chicken” from its name because its chicken is anything but chicken?


Rather than turning to food to pick you up, go pick up some weights instead.

High-intensity anaerobic exercise, like weight lifting, has been shown to release the feel good hormones known as endorphins.

Either that, or just get some illegal drugs.

But whatever you do, DON’T EAT!!!


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