How Often Do You Make Adjustments For Clients?

Depending on the results of weekly weigh-ins (and bi-weekly progress photos for online participants), I make changes in the nutrition and exercise programs of all clients as needed.

At the outset, some clients are good right from the gate while others require constant adjustment until we find something that agrees with their metabolism, schedule, preference, whatever.

After then, modifications are made accordingly in order to promote continued results, even when clients themselves are not observant of them. That means that zero changes are made at times because they’re not necessary, even though the scale might not have budged for a number of weeks or they may have plateaued on a certain lift; other times it means small or large-scale revision of the nutritional plan, workout regimen, or both.

Greater explanation is supplied in the complimentary information packet included with the purchase of macro coaching and online coaching.

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