Whoa, That’s Expensive! Is Coaching Worth The Price?!?!

How much is your time worth to you?

Mine is worth a lot to me, which is why I charge what I do in order for me to surrender my time and devote it to you.

If your time is also valuable to you, then coaching is a bargain.

Here, let me explain:

This is the Information Age, a point in history where you can learn anything about everything with a search query.

So sure, you can save gobs of money by being directed to sites like mine where you can read up on the subject of training and nutrition and then experiment on yourself, something that many have done before you and many are sure to do after you. But if your time is truly worth something to you, turning yourself into a human guinea pig as you try to figure out what is and isn’t effective for your certain body may not be the best thing to do because every second spent on that is time that could have been better spent curing cancer, finding a solution to global warming, or maximizing your fat loss and muscle building.

What I’m selling is nothing more than a fast forward button, with you renting my years of knowledge and experience to avoid the lost opportunity cost that comes with learning what works and doesn’t.

That’s why coaching is more than affordable when you look at it from the perspective of saving yourself time, which is our most precious commodity.

You might want to check out The Personal Trainer Buyer’s Guide for more about what I do and don’t do so you can better assess if I offer any other sort of value to you.

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