Squat Depth

They're called

The appropriate squat depth?

Like, how many degrees should your knees and hips be?

That’s easy!

The answer is “Don’t do them at all” degrees!

Squats are bloody dangerous!!!

I can’t even begin to process why the spine-snapping and knee-shattering danger of the squat is still up for debate.

Methinks it’s a global conspiracy of fitness professionals in cahoots with orthopods and physical therapists to keep the sports medicine industry afloat.

How so?


With personal trainers getting kickbacks from orthopods and physical therapists for herding people toward injury and in need of their pricey services by telling the general public that squats are perfectly safe.

That’s​ what methinks!

Don’t even get me started on scientists and their role in the conspiracy with their findings of deep squats as a viable exercise in their fancy academic journals!

You shouldn’t need me to tell you they’re not to be trusted!

They tell you themselves with their saying that climate change is real!!!


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