Stop Setting Goals (…Until You Read This)

The only thing keeping you from reaching your fitness goal may be an effective one.

A goal without a plan is a wish.

– commonly attributed to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, but that’s up for debate

A goal without a deadline is a dream.

– Robert Herjavec, some dude on a hit television show who obviously dabbles in quote unoriginality

I run into a lot of people on a daily basis. For some reason or another that escapes me, the topic of fitness always comes up — as if I appear to know a thing or two about #gymmingit! All sarcasm aside, it comes with the territory of having a hot body, I guess.

Anyway, when I ask these people to tell me what their fitness goals are so I can tailor my advice to their needs, most of them tell me what they think are fitness goals but are really just dreams or wishes.

They say all the right stuff about wanting to lose weight or gain muscle, but they leave it at that, what in essence are meaningless values that don’t have a specific course of action that they’re committed to.

These are the sorts of people who more often than not fail at accomplishing their “goal”.

Because I want you to be someone who brings shit to reality and not a dreamer (or wisher), here are some tips to help you come up with more effective goals, which should be of interest to you because research suggests that goal setting drastically improves your chances of going to your high school reunion looking so hot that your crush who wouldn’t give you the time of day back then wants to hook up…but you kindly turn down bringing to life your adolescent fantasy of locker room sex with them because you look like you and they look like them.

The next time I hear about your goal, it should contain what it is that you hope to accomplish, how long you’re giving yourself to do it, how you’re going to do it, and why it’s important to you.

Additionally, in your striving to please me because my happiness is paramount, you should:

  1. Be clear, not vague.
  2. State what you want in the positive, not negative.
  3. Make your goal difficult, but realistic.

Example: I will look good for the beach. By “good,” I mean that I’m going to get rid of this spare tire around my gut. I’m giving myself until June to realize my goal. I will lose weight by watching what I eat every day and exercising on the days that I’m scheduled to. Having a beach body means a lot to me because whenever I go to the beach with my friends, I always feel uncomfortable. They take their shirts off and all the girls just come running to them…while I stay covered up in a t-shirt. Not this year!!!

Follow this simple process and the next time you decide to give a fuck about taking care of yourself — let’s say in January as part of your “New Year, New Me” New Year’s resolution — you should have no problem not being full of shit as you still use your gym membership well past the end of the month and eventually accomplish your goal.

Are you ready to punch some goals in the face? What are they? I’d like to know, so go ahead and share them!
…on second thought, you’re less likely to achieve your goals if you blab about them. So shut your yapper and just share your thoughts on how sexy I am, how brilliant my writing is, what a godsend I am to you. All that bleepin’ jazz!

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