I never participated in an online training course. But prior to joining Monster Inc., I decided to do CrossFit! Although I loved and still appreciate CrossFit as my baseline in fitness, I needed a change. Why? I wanted to avoid reoccurring injuries. The “box” I belonged to was awesome but I needed more one-on-one programming geared to my specific goals and not the goals of the CrossFit community. That’s where Monster stepped in.

I came to Monster because I wanted to understand my body. I would go H.A.M. [hard as a motherfucker] during my CrossFit classes and saw plenty improvement…but I never looked the way I expected!  I did CrossFit for over 3 years. What was I missing?

Monster helped me see the battle wasn’t in the gym. It was in the kitchen!  I’ve been under his programming for 8 months now and can finally see the advances I desired.  I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’ve made positive strides due to his ability to motivate me first and foremost through example, then by his ability to challenge me without destroying my spirit. Monster is in no way soft nor fluffy. He strikes the nail on the head, which is exactly what I needed!

I was never hesitant in training with him online. In fact, I prefer it that way. It allows me to KNOW that I can do this no matter the circumstance. With his added support I can see my dreams becoming a reality.

Like I said: I started 8 months ago and have LEARNED more than I imagined! I always felt I was eating healthy because I felt I was eating clean. Boy, was I wrong! Monster taught and set my macro guidelines. At first I felt like I needed a P.H.D. in nutrition to understand the concept but he made it easy for me! Please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. It’s truly a lifestyle change but one I’ve embraced. Am I perfect? Hell nah! Do I fail? Often…but I now have and understand the blue print!

I’ve been blessed as a result of Monster’s training experience, as well as his detail in the pursuit of perfection. I don’t like to boast, but now I have family, friends, and coworkers asking about what I’ve been doing! I’m truly humbled and honored to point them in the right direction. Monster’s training is the way for workout programming, diet programming, for whatever your needs may be.

Daniel H.