What Kinds Of Clients Do You Work With?

There are certain people I’ll work with and certain people I won’t. I’m not one of those trainers who has a policy of training any and everybody who walks through their door. Because you ultimately serve nobody when you try to do so, I don’t try to be all things to all people.

As such, I confine my practice to (1) amateurs totally new to fitness or without heaps of experience and (2) intermediates who have some exercise background but lack the knowledge to take their body to the next level. Moreover, these people aren’t weekend warriors, people seeking out the newest fad or “magic pill” quick fixes, or quitters. They’re individuals who are truly serious about improving their fitness and changing their lives. If you’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, be held accountable, and not only listen to but actually do what you’re told to do inside and outside of the gym, I WILL FIRE YOU as a client!

In terms of specifics, I primarily work with lifestyle clients. While they come from all walks of life ranging from college students to young professionals to soccer moms to people old enough to have soccer moms for daughters, the common thread between them all is the belief that they don’t have time to exercise or eat properly. I get them to realize the error of their ways real quick. Additionally, these aren’t bikini girls, competitive bodybuilders, or any kind of physique athlete who trains with the express intent of stepping onstage for the validation of others. Instead, they’re people who want to have an active lifestyle so they can play with their kids without running out of breath, fit again into the pair of jeans they used to wear in high school, be able to go out in public and feel confident about their appearance, look in the mirror and finally love the person looking back at them.

Oh, you fit the criteria for the kind of client I work with? Here ya go!

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