Why Is This Site Free?

My mission statement is “To be the most trusted provider of help in a fitness industry built on bullshit.”

There’s a heaping load of snake oil in the fit biz, from cleanses, to wraps, to teas, to fad diets, to protein powders containing everything but protein, to disreputable trainers and their cookie cutter programs. This website serves the function of cutting through all of the flim-flam. Here I perform the vital public service of supplying information devoid of charlatanry to those who are serious about their physique goals.

Sure, I have a big bleeding heart and this site exists because of it, but I’m also a businessman first and foremost.

On that end, MonsterLonge.com is a strategic extension of my personal training business. Here’s the scoop: the thinking behind giving you free valuable info is that it helps establish trust and authority so that when you or someone you know needs help, there’ll be no hesitation on your part to hire or refer me. Why? Because the seed will have already been planted that I’m someone you can turn to who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to creating an awesome body.

…but really, who am I fooling?!

This website is a passion play, oh the comedy!

Just between the two of us, this shit is a vanity project to help stroke my ego. So if MonsterLonge.com were a membership site not made available to the masses, how else could I (1) show off to as many people as possible how much shit I know and (2) rub your face in how clueless most of you are?


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