Most of my business is viva voce. What, you don’t speak Latin? Okay, cool.

Well, we now know who wasn’t in honors in grade school.

Moving right along…

As I was saying, most of my business comes through word of mouth referrals.

I want you to look and feel great, and use the improved YOU to bring me new business.

In return for scratching my back, I’ll scratch yours.


Receive the same number of FREE weeks of distance coaching that are purchased by the person successfully referred by you.

But wait…there’s MORE!!!

You’ll also receive 10% off when you renew your training package.

But wait…there’s EVEN MORE!!!

The person successfully referred by you will ALSO receive 10% off, which will be applied to their initial package plan!!!

…talk about value!

But it’s only for a LIMITED TIME, so start spreading the word to everybody you’ve ever met in your life.


(1). Promotion applied when referred clients have never before signed up for, and eventually enroll in, services provided by The Body Reconstruction Exterior Renovation Company. Promotion DOES NOT apply to One-on-One Training, Buddy Training and/or Program Design.

(2). While the free weeks of Macro Coaching or Online Coaching can be combined, the same does not hold for the discount. For example, if you refer two people and they both enroll in the 8-week Macro Coaching program, you, the referrer, will be awarded 16 weeks of free instruction and 10% off — not 20% — your next purchase.