Custom program design from Monster Longe

What Program Design Is About:

So you possess some weight training experience and have your diet in order. But you’re still not seeing results despite your knowing your way around the gym and kitchen.

Because what may be holding you back is more than likely related to exercise selection and other associated factors, there’s program design — perfect for someone like you who may not want or need the monitoring that comes with nutritional coaching or personal training.

Or maybe you’re just losing your motivation to lift. Going to the gym has become a drag, a chore, a total bummer. It shouldn’t be that way.

One reason for your mojo being in the dumps may be that you’ve been doing the exact same exercises for the exact same number of reps since the long gone days of Nicolas Cage being considered an A-list celebrity. Yawn. Talk about BOR-R-R-ING!

While programs are designed with effectiveness in mind, NOT fun, seeing results when progress has stalled will help recharge your battery and have you itching to push your body even farther!

How Program Design Works:

All you have to do is tell me

  • how many days you lift, what exercises you do and in what order, and other stuff about your current training regimen
  • what weight training equipment you have access to (i.e. take pictures or video record what’s at your disposal)
  • what your exact goals are — lose fat, build muscle, break through a plateau, train around an injury, become strong enough to beat up the scumbag who owes you money

Once I have all that information in hand, I’ll then put together an 8-week program custom tailored to your specific goals, training experience, and injury history.

The 8-week routine of movements, sets, reps and rest periods will be unique to you — not from out of a magazine or elsewhere — and have you training more efficiently on your own, resulting in the desired changes in your body.


Fine Print:

Please be advised that all macro coaching programs are designed for a body fat loss/lean muscle gain of 1­-2 lbs. per week. Also, please allow 3-­5 business days for the creation and delivery of your initial program.

I’m a personal trainer, not a magic worker. I can’t read the program’s material for you. I can’t prepare and eat the food for you. I can’t go to the gym and workout for you. That’s YOUR responsibility. You are 100% responsible for following through with the program’s recommendations. No guarantees are made about results. This offering is non-refundable/returnable/exchangeable due to its personalized nature. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No give-backsies.