Online coaching program that includes diet and cardio advice from Monster Longe

  • Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?
  • Doggone tired of seeing no results from your exercise program no matter how hard you work?
  • Hate that you have a keg smack dab where your 6-pack should be?
  • Have a sordid trail of fad diets in your past, with you experiencing little to no success?
  • Put on a few pounds and can’t fit into your all-time favorite pair of jeans without doing some kind of weird yoga pose to get them on — if you can even get them on?

…then you need Monster Longe’s Macro Coaching program in your life.

What Macro Coaching Is:

Macro Coaching is an 8-week distance program delivered electronically to help you take control of your cardio and nutrition to melt away fat or build lean muscle.

That means that I don’t Mary Poppins it to wherever you are and train you in person.

Instead, (1) right from your physical location you fill out some information for me over the internet; (2) I do stuff in my physical location with that information you’ve sent me over the internet; (3) I send that information I’ve done stuff with from my physical location to you over the internet; and (4) you then do stuff in your physical location with the information I’ve given you over the internet.

Very, very easy to understand! Here’s a fancy pants flowchart to help you along.

What’s Included:

  • Initial review of 3­-day food diary
  • Basic nutrition education
  • Calorie goals and detailed macronutrient ratios, adjusted weekly as needed
  • Cardio program design, adjusted weekly as needed
  • Recommended grocery list
  • Sample nutrition schedule
  • 24-hour guaranteed response to any program related questions or concerns
  • Weekly review of food diary for length of nutrition plan


  • Food scale to weigh food
  • Bathroom scale for daily morning weigh-­ins
  • MyFitnessPal, FitDay, or other online account to track food
  • Camera for bi­-weekly progress pictures
  • Access to cardio equipment


Fine Print:

Please be advised that all macro coaching programs are designed for a body fat loss/lean muscle gain of 1­-2 lbs. per week. Also, please allow 3-­5 business days for the creation and delivery of your initial program.

I’m a personal trainer, not a magic worker. I can’t read the program’s material for you. I can’t prepare and eat the food for you. I can’t go to the gym and workout for you. That’s YOUR responsibility. You are 100% responsible for following through with the program’s recommendations. No guarantees are made about results. This offering is non-refundable/returnable/exchangeable due to its personalized nature. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No give-backsies.