Online program that includes diet, cardio and weight training advice from Monster Longe

  • Need a personal trainer but can’t afford one because you’re not independently wealthy?
  • Don’t look good naked, but you’re narcissistic so it’s kind of a big deal to you?
  • Just about had it up to here with going to the gym and not knowing what to do to produce the results you want?
  • Desperately seeking quick and effective workouts because you’re crunched for time?
  • You need something new because you’ve been doing your current training program so long that it’s been beat to death, resurrected, and then ran over twice?

…then you need Monster Longe’s Online Coaching program in your life.

What Online Coaching Is:

Online Coaching is an 8-week distance program delivered electronically to help you take control of your cardio, nutrition and weight training to burn fat or build lean muscle.

That means that I don’t click my heels and automagically teleport to wherever you are and train you in person.

Instead, (1) right from your physical location you fill out some information for me over the internet; (2) I do stuff in my physical location with that information you’ve sent me over the internet; (3) I send that information I’ve done stuff with from my physical location to you over the internet; and (4) you then do stuff in your physical location with the information I’ve given you over the internet.

Not at all complicated to understand! Here’s a sexy as hell flowchart to explain.

What’s Included:

  • Initial review of 3­-day food diary
  • Basic nutrition education
  • Calorie goals and detailed macronutrient ratios, adjusted weekly as needed
  • Cardio program design, adjusted weekly as needed
  • Recommended grocery list
  • Sample nutrition schedule
  • 24-hour guaranteed response to any program related questions or concerns
  • Weekly review of food diary for length of nutrition plan
  • Review of current exercise split and/or regimen
  • Progressive resistance training program design
  • Weekly video analysis of exercise form and technique recommendations


  • Food scale to weigh food
  • Bathroom scale for daily morning weigh-­ins
  • MyFitnessPal, FitDay, or other online account to track food
  • Video device for weekly technique analysis
  • Camera for bi­-weekly progress pictures
  • Access to cardio equipment
  • Gym membership


Fine Print:

Please be advised that all online coaching programs are designed for a body fat loss/lean muscle gain of 1­-2 lbs. per week. Also, please allow 3-­5 business days for the creation and delivery of your initial program.

I’m a personal trainer, not a magic worker. I can’t read the program’s material for you. I can’t prepare and eat the food for you. I can’t go to the gym and workout for you. That’s YOUR responsibility. You are 100% responsible for following through with the program’s recommendations. No guarantees are made about results. This offering is non-refundable/returnable/exchangeable due to its personalized nature. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No give-backsies.