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tyattmg-download-pageTake Your Ass To The M*fkn Gym
The name says it all, DUH! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to go to the gym and FUCK SHIT UP. There’s no reason not to be a total badass after reading and doing some all of the stuff in this book.



personal-trainer-buyers-guide-download-pagePersonal Trainer Buyer’s Guide
So you have a few bucks to spare on a personal trainer. Look at you big timing it! Okay, so you have the money…but what exactly should you look for in a trainer? Find the right coach for you with this handbook.



the-accessory-guide-download-pageThe Accessory Guide
Do you really need that piece of gym equipment? What does it even do, besides make you look like you’re about that life? Seek no further. Your new guide will solve that and other mysteries.



whats-supp-download-pageWhat’s Supp?
There are a lot of supplements out there promising to do X, Y and Z. This is the book to read before you spend your money on a product that may be more hype than substance.



Cardio? Check! Weights? Check! Hell, you even take supplements, right? But why no progress? That can be linked directly to what is and isn’t on your plate, and this activity book will help you fix that.