Bring a friend and have semi-private personal training with Monster Longe

Group personal training is perfect for you if:

  • private One-­on-One personal training is too “expensive,” but you still want that personal touch
  • you want to train alongside a partner for that extra push (either from their encouragement or your elevated ego boost as you find out how superior you are to them)

What to expect when training with Monster:

  1. be given instruction on proper form in order to reduce injury risk and receive greater benefit out of a movement;
  2. learn how to connect the mind to the muscle so you’re not just moving weight but working the intended muscle;
  3. get shown ways to maximize your time and train in the most efficient manner;
  4. be taken out of your comfort zone as you’re pushed to, and beyond, your physical and mental limits;
  5. discover whether your peeps really want you to succeed or if you’re the jerk of the bunch as you wipe the gym floor with them in the most humiliating way possible to show them how pussy they are compared to you; and
  6. receive more sarcasm than you know what to do with.

How it works:

The concept is simple. The more people you’re able to convince to be around you as you make ugly faces, curse like a sailor, make weird grunting sounds, and sweat your ass off — basically look like a hot mess — the lower the normal base fee per session drops.

# In Group

Base Fee Per Person

Total Price

Savings Per Person


$50 $100 $20


$40 $120 $30


$35 $140 $35

All in-person sessions with me are approximately fifty (50) minutes in length and are located in sunny San Diego, California. To be more specific, that’s World Gym on 2949 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach. If you don’t live in San Diego or you’re not visiting the area any time soon, it’s not a total bummer because I can get you great results over the internet. What sorcery! For more details on how that’s even possible, check out Macro Coaching + Online Coaching (and reevaluate your living arrangements. Why? Because San Diego is the bomb diggy!!!).

Well, what are you waiting for? Bring a significant other, friend, relative, coworker, complete stranger off the street, and come get sweaty together!

Because your mind is blown by the affordability, click the button below to test the strength of your relationship(s).