Have A Case Of The Ouchie Wowchies? Then Ya Might Wanna Read This Before You Pussy Out!

Work out long enough and you'll eventually start feeling banged up. You may think whatever you're feeling is reason enough to stop. That's where you're wrong.

Wanna know what grinds my gears?

Why, that’s someone who quits as soon as an excuse presents itself after telling me how badly they want to get in shape so their boo-bear doesn’t trade them in for a more bangable version.

One of the most common reasons for stopping is the experiencing of pain or discomfort. It tends to go a little something like:

“Hey, Monster, I rolled my wrist three-twelfths of a degree too far back when I was front squatting with an Olympic grip. I guess I need to take some time off now to let it heal because, well, that’s what you do when you’re injured.”

– you, with puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears streaming out of them down your face


And to that, the person hears:

“Awwwww, poor boo-boo! You’re a little banged up with minor aches and pains? Welp, I guess you’re right, time to take a decade off from training so you can rest and rehab. See you in ten years!”

– me, because I weally, weally care


Fuck outta here!!!

You better think again!

Yes, it’s true that you’re supposed to rest…

…but there’s one problem.

The issue is that injured people are seldom injured — they’re just hurt, if that at all.

I. Hurt Feelings

“Hurt” means having something physically wrong with you but being able to perform activity through correction of the problem.

Depending on the severity of the impairment, that means training with it won’t kill you.

Now, let’s return to our example. What example? The scenario involving you needing grave medical attention for the joint connecting the hand to the forearm?

Yes, exactly. That example!

The person in said scenario — which is YOU, by the way — is nothing more than hurt.

Whoa, whoa!!! How can I make such a clinical evaluation?! Am I a medical practitioner?

Well, I can declare you as being hurt because I have enough sense to know that the wrist has little bearing on your ability to bend your fucking knees.

That being the case that you’re hurt, you would change your front squat hand position to cross-armed or Frankenstein style, both of which completely eliminate the flexing of the wrist. Either that or you would have the iron constitution to still front squat with an Olympic grip. Regardless, you would still front squat (or switch to another squat variation) rather than using your infirmity as justification to skip your session and stuff your face full of bonbons while binge watching Orange is the New Black (…but what about the hilarious hijinks of Piper Chapman and the other lovable inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary?, you say. I know, I know, the show is pure comedic genius!).

II. Injured Reserve

“Injury” is something entirely different from hurt.

Being injured is having your shoulder reconstructed, it immobilized in a splint or sling, and a qualified medical professional telling you to hold off from the gym for a while.

…but even this scenario isn’t always a reason to stop training altogether.

Yeah, you can’t train the upper body because your arm is only remaining attached to the rest of your body by a string, but I must have missed the memo because WHAT…THE…FUCK…DOES…YOUR…SHOULDER…HAVE…TO…DO…WITH…YOUR…MUHFUGGIN’…LEGS?!?!

Unless you’re in a full body cast, you should be able to still get into the gym and train SOMETHING — whether that means neglecting the injured body part and training around it or finding alternative exercises that allow the impaired body part to be worked without aggravation.

III. Special Ed

The two — injured and hurt — are NOT one in the same, though the unindoctrinated think otherwise.

As we’ve seen, being injured means that you have a physical condition preventing you from participating in an activity; whereas being hurt means that you can still participate in spite of whatever physical ailment you have.

Whatever the case may be, everyone experiences aches and pains, some more than others.

It comes with the territory of placing repeated stress on the body in order to force an adaptation to make it bigger, faster, stronger.

No matter how hard we try to prevent them, changing the body — regardless how big or small the change — comes with nicks and bruises. Those who are successful at seeing what their body is truly capable of are those who are able to push through in the face of such adversity, like pretty much everything else in life.

So ladies and gents, act like you have a pair.

I don’t remember anybody saying this shit would be easy.

And since it takes a special kind of person to live this lifestyle, then, were it easy, you wouldn’t be fucking special for doing it.

Now wouldya?!

Disclaimer: Before you do something stupid and then sue me for your stupidity on the grounds that I cyber bullied you into cowboying up, don’t be a nincompoop doofus. Use your brain to determine for yourself when you’re just being a scaredy cat looking for the easy way out or if the pain is something serious that should be checked out rather than ignored. While you have to challenge yourself, you also have to be smart enough to live to fight another day. Well, there you have it. My job is done. This disclaimer makes me legally bulletproof!!!

Anything to say in defense of your past and/or present history of wussing out? Or have you been warrioring through all sorts of shit? While that’s not exactly the smartest thing either, I commend your valor. So share it and earn some worthless internet props!

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