Life Is Tough

Life is tough. You DEFINITELY aren't — Shit 'M' Says

Can we have a heart-to-heart?

Whether you say yes or no doesn’t matter because I’m not really asking your permission!

Take it how you wanna, but most of you (especially YOU) aren’t built for this shit.

This exercise thing is a trend right now. Everyone is doing it, including you.

Oh, but you’re different!

If fitness weren’t the in-thing to do, you’d still be doing it, huh?

Say yes all you want, but you’re a poseur.

As soon as things get difficult (e.g. your work schedule changes, you become injured, results don’t happen as quickly as you’d like), you’ll be gone.

As soon as it’s no longer cool to go to the gym and record your unimpressive lifts and take pics of your unimpressive physique from every angle imaginable, you’ll be gone.

Before you come talking that shit that this is mean to say and that I’m an elitist (which I FUCKING AM!!!), consider that only a shade under 10 percent of people achieve their fitness goal in any given year. That means the vast majority of people doing this fitness thing are, or will be, failures. And that’s not “failures” in the try again sense, but “failures” in the throw in the towel sense.

But you’re not one of those quitters who isn’t cut out for this shit, you say.

Well, the numbers say otherwise. And numbers?

Well, men lie.

And women lie (like fucking crazy).

But numbers?

They don’t.

NOTE: If you’re going “WTF”, then you probably missed the bit of brilliance explaining this.

For the bit of brilliance explaining this so you can stop going “WTF”, click HERE and go “WTF” no more!


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