Exercise: to do physical activities in order to flood the social media feeds of followers with gym selfies, workout videos shot from fucked up angles, and grammatically challenged status updates, with the incessant denial that such action is attention-whoring and not about motivating others.

It’s time to be real with yourself!

What the fuck are you even doing this exercise thing for?

As much as you may say that you work out to look and feel better, is that really why you’re doing it?

C’mon, keep it real with me, baby!

Aren’t you just doing it to please others, to get them off your fucking back about how unhealthy you are and how they don’t want you to die young and other stupid shit?

Better yet, aren’t you really just doing it because fitness is the trendy thing to do right now and you’ve always been nothing but a follower?

Even worse, aren’t you exercising solely for the attention gained from people fawning all over you when you’re out in public because of the 2 lbs you’ve lost and how many “likes” you get with your social media posts about how hard you’re going in the gym?



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