Pain In The Ass Booty Building Workout

Pain In The Ass Booty Building Workout


There are products and services aplenty catering to the butt craze. So I see it like this: as the savvy businessman I am, why the fuck shouldn’t I join in on the feeding frenzy by giving away free shit and making a few shekels along the way?

How am I possibly going to do that?

Watch me!

Can I interest you in a bigger booty? More junk in the trunk? Cheeks plumper than a baby’s face? A caboose so large that when you walk down the street, cars stop and let you pass like they’re at a railroad crossing?

What say you to firmer buns? A rounder derriere? A donkey with no more saddlebags? Or so much real estate in your backyard that you have to pay property tax on it?

How about a larger wagon for you to be draggin’? A behind that can be viewed from the front? A meatier rump than ones hanging in a butcher shop? An almond busting tookis that makes people confuse you for the Nutcracker?

If you’re interested in any of that stuff, then give this booty building workout a go (preferably AFTER doing these glute activation exercises).

Yeah, it’s one-size-fits-all.

And because you’re an individual and don’t want to be like everyone else, you want to get yourself a regimen geared to your specific injury history, training experience, available equipment and goals.

Maybe get yourself a program designed by, I don’t know, yours truly.

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