Do It For The After Selfie

Do it for the after selfie that still looks like the before — Shit Monster Says

The amount of people I see at commercial gyms who look the same year after year after bleepin’ fucking year!

You’re obviously doing something wrong.

Ummmmmm…you might want to figure it out.

But that’s just me being foolish because I’m foolish like that.

So never mind me!

Continue doing what you’re doing, baby.

Don’t push yourself.

Or seek help.

Just carry on in the gym as usual.

Then when you’re done with your workout or, fuck, right smack dab in the middle of it, snap another gym selfie — oops, I mean “progress photo” — in addition to the shitload of photographic artistry you’ve captured throughout the day at such exotic locales as in front of your bathroom mirror!

Go ahead, don’t be shy!


After all, the gym to you is nothing but a modeling shoot location!


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