Bodybuilding Supplement

Supplement: a pill, powder, or elixir capable of such wondrous things as granting its user superhuman strength and body fat dripping off them like Jheri curl juice — all without their having to do crazy shit like bust their ass in the gym or stop putting so much crap in their mouth.

Those snazzy magazine ads and sponsored social media posts for supplement XYZ probably have you thinking about taking supplement XYZ, huh?

If only you had that you’d be where you wanted to be!


Let’s keep this real brief.

You don’t need supplements!

Yes, you heard me.

You don’t need ’em!!!

Pre-workout? BCAAs? Test boosters? Fat burners?


Not necessary.

But hey, it’s your money and you’re the one slaving away selling hours of your limited time on Earth to help someone else achieve their dream while you get paid a pittance in return.

So yeah, you can spend your money however you please!

Creatine and good ole fashioned protein powder will suffice for most people, with proper nutrition and real food bearing the bulk of the responsibility for any change in your physique.


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