No One Is You

No one is you (and that is their fortune) — Shit Monster Says

Let’s be real…

Your life kinda sucks.

You carry enough baggage from your childhood to fill a plane’s cargo hold and are in a loveless relationship of convenience that you can’t end because you know you can’t find someone else who’s stupid enough to get involved with you — all of which has contributed in some way to the emotional eating that’s given you that train wreck of a body that isn’t any less of a train wreck no matter how much you try to lie to yourself that you buy into that body acceptance bullshit.

Oh yeah, and you also live one paycheck away from financial ruin so you’re too strapped for cash to afford a shrink to unpack your issues, a prostitute or sidepiece for some strange, or me to help you change your body.

Yeah, you’re lucky to be you!


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