Cardio: a special kind of torture done mostly by those who want to lose body fat and look good but think they have dormant mutant genes that'll turn them into muscle-bound freakazoids if they even dare step in the free weight area and lift heavy ass shit.
I can’t even tell you the last time I stepped foot into a cardio deck with the express purpose of burning calories.

Sure, I might pedal for a few minutes to warm up on leg day, but that’s about it.

I prefer to lift weights for that.

You can too.

Say whaaaaaat?!?!

Yes, you don’t need cardio!

You would just have to exercise greater discipline with your nutrition and actually TRAIN with intensity.

Oh, but you can’t suppress your inner fatty quite as well as you suppress the urge to burn down your workplace? Need to be a little bit more lax with what you eat, huh? Not only that, but you don’t exactly want to bust your ass in the gym all that much? Like, who the fuck goes to the gym to do that?!


Then still lift weights and throw a LITTLE cardio into the mix.

Doing cardio for health reasons so your heart doesn’t explode and shit is cool, I guess.

But for calories?

Nah, you don’t have to do it to yourself.


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