Relationships: The energy needed to work 'em out can be saved for working out your body (you know, more important stuff)

Your personal trainer should be your one-stop shop for relationship advice, workplace conflict, childhood issues, and the unpacking of other emotional and psychological factors that may be affecting your struggles with food.

Your bookie, when not breaking your legs, should also be the go-to source for how to hide your assets to reduce your tax liability.

Just like the latter doesn’t make sense, neither does the former.

I’m not a therapist or life coach. I’m just a dude who knows how to bend the human body to the imagination’s will via exercise and nutrition.

If you need a counselor, get one.

If you want to change your body, get me.

And if you need to know the legal (and extralegal) loopholes to not contribute to the society that gave you sooooooooo much, get an accountant.


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