Responsibility: the state, fact, or quality of your coach bearing fault, at least in your crazy mind, for your lack of results due to your finding bullshit (but very creative) excuses to cancel training appointments and not eat what you were told to eat a couple billion times.

Oh, I get it!!!

The plan is to achieve your dreams through me!

You see that I have the body of a god. And besides my charming personality (DUH!!!), that’s why you hired me or eventually will procure my services.

So I’m supposed to eat your calories for you and my workouts count as yours.

Now, how’s that for outstanding service?!

Ummmmmm, but how does that work?

I’m obviously not as schooled as you on the latest technological advancements, basic human physiology, or, fuck, even common sense.

So please, enlighten me!

Tell me exactly how this works that your body improves by osmosis, with me doing what I do and you not doing what you’re supposed to do.

I’m waiting…


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