Thank You

Thanks to all 2000 of my Instagram followers

It’s come to my attention that I passed 1,000 followers on Instagram a few days ago.

Apparently, my accomplishment was soooooo important to me that it totally slipped my mind.

To atone for that, here’s an extremely hollow token of my appreciation to each and every one of you for not changing my life one iota.

You’re the best!

…oh, but you don’t follow me on Instagram?!?!

Why is that, huh? What theeeeee fuck is yoooouuuurrrrrr problem?

Well, because I know you want to rectify that immediately, my username is @m.for.monstruo

Wait, what?!

You don’t have an Instagram account, you say?!?!

Why are you telling me that like it’s supposed to mean somethin’?

…because if you really cared about and wanted to support me, then you’d download the app PRONTO!!!

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