Fancy Bamsie Glute Activation Exercises

Fancy Bamsie Glute Activation Exercises


If you’re not West Indian or haven’t spent time around West Indians because you’re not from the Little West Indies (what’s commonly known as the 5 Burroughs of New York), now’s a fine time to Google “bamsie”. Oh yeah, as well as the exercise names that you may be unfamiliar with so you know how to fucking do them…but that’s just a silly thought.

Care for another silly thought?

This example workout is for a client with high proximal hamstring tendinopathy and decreased hip stability from a lack of glute activation and is performed prior to every booty building workout.

But because you’re probably not a postmenopausal woman with a body that’s falling apart, you may want to get yourself a regimen geared to your specific injury history, training experience, available equipment and goals.

Maybe get yourself a program designed by, I don’t know, yours truly.

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