Pathetic: the effort given by you in your workout, to stick with your diet, to come across like you actually give a fuck about the health and fitness goals you annoyed everyone in your social circle with at the start of your journey.

Boo-hoo! I’m sooooooo tired of my physical appearance and reversible health condition. I’m willing to do ANYTHING to change it! A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!

– you, days/weeks/months before

*fast forward*

You know what, my physical appearance and reversible health condition isn’t all that bad. I kind of like crying myself to sleep at allowing myself to get to where I am.
– you, days/weeks/months later


…b-b-butttt what about you wanting to change your life?!?!*

*read that with the Anderson Cooper epic eye roll at Kellyanne Conway in mind!


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